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Repetitive strain injury – what do I need to know?

Repetitive strain injury – what do I need to know?
What is RSI? RSI: Repetitive strain injury is an umbrella term that incorporates several distinct conditions including tennis elbow, golfers elbow, tendonitis and carpel tunnel syndrome.

Stress and Exercise

One of the most important things when coping with stress is exercise. Exercise helps relieve the symptoms of stress greatly and usually leaves you feeling a million times better. It can be hard to get motivated but once you get in to the routine of exerc

Other People

Often times you can be distracted by other people who you do not report to. Your colleagues nice as they are can sometimes drain your time and eventually your energy as you struggle to cope with the amount of work you have.

Time Management - Exercise two

Here’s another really easy way to get more out of your day. Simply use a schedule broken down in to half hour slots from the time you come in and fill it in. It should look something like this.

Time Management - Exercise one

One of the major factors in achieving effective work life balance is managing your day correctly. There are two reasons that people end up working late or taking work home