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6 excellent reasons to invest in your team today. 

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  • Office massage encourages positive mental health. Reduced stress and tension, combined with an increase of endorphins all help to create a feeling of general wellbeing in our clients.


  • Team atmosphere and morale are also improved due to the reduction in stress levels, plus that feeling of being valued by the business.  


  • Our chair massages can help reduce absenteeism rates, both short and long term by promoting the immune system and reducing rates of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD), both major contributors in absenteeism. 


  • We work with businesses just like yours. We know that your time is precious and with our online booking tool and automated reminder system, the service is incredibly easy to implement and have on site, either as a once off or regularly.


  • Our therapists are top notch. Our team of massage therapists have decades of experience, are fully insured and determined to inject some much needed zest into your office.

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