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Workshops, Classes and 1:1 Wellness Solutions

Introducing 'Storyboard' - A unique online storytelling experience. 

Storyboard workshop

Storyboard is a unique workshop experience designed for participants across workgroups - this workshop uses the art of storytelling to help team members get to know each other, build trust and great working relationships. 

A major issue in this WFH world is a lack of engagement between work groups. Our clients have developed excellent relationships with their managers and workgroups but unless they have direct business with another team, that interaction is lost. The watercooler is gone along with the break out area and Friday drinks. 

The storyboard workshop is a virtual campfire where you get to hear interesting stories from other cultures, from down the road, from strange lands and funny coincidences. 

Participants are encouraged to listen mindfully without interruption. Storyboard sessions are a fantastic experience, not to be missed. 

Recommended for groups of up to 24 participants. Available as a day time or after hours event. 




Mindful man at computer

Employee mental health has never been so topical or important. Rolling out mindfulness workshops and or classes to your teams helps calm, de-stress and relax busy minds. Great topics for wellness workshops include: 

Mindfulness in uncertain times, Mindful Self Compassion, Mindful Eating: Best Practices, Mindfulness, Stress, and the Brain, Mindfulness and Better Communication, Mindful Movement - Countering the negative effects of sitting at our desks

Available as a weekly session or a once off workshop. Suitable for up to 30 participants. Sessions also include 2 Downloadable Guided Meditations from The Mindfulness Centre and a follow up email with with recommended reading and link to some more fascinating listening on the subject.



Weekly Yoga class by Hilary King

Hilary is an experienced Yoga teacher and also has worked as an on-site massage therapist for several years. This has given Hilary a unique understanding of the sorts of challenges, aches, pains and issues facing desk workers. She teaches vinyasa yoga inspired flow movement classes.

Classes have a strong emphasis on mobility, strength and movement, moving within your body’s own range of motion, learning to actively control your body within that range and release tension held throughout the body. They are suitable for a range of levels right from beginner and up. 

You can view a short video of Hilary's yoga style and get an introduction to our yoga therapist here.



 Introduction to Design Thinking

Design Thinking

Learn the basics of this ingenious design worker's process. With applications across all industries - learn how to find creative and innovative solutions through this human centered approach. 

Available as a one off workshop or a 5 day 'Design Sprint'.



Ergonomic workshops

Ergonomics overhead view           Chair plus footrest


Has your team completed ergonomic training? Our ergonomic workshops show your team how to best set up their workstations as they continue to work from home. We use everyday items and simple life hacks to help make VDU and DSE set ups efficient and comfortable. 

One to one assessments also available. 


One to one wellness check in


15 minute appointments via Zoom providing a short mindfulness relaxation session. This call also gives team members the opportunity to check in with a wellness professional, self assess their mental health and seek advice on self care and general wellbeing. Appointments made online via our unique booking tool. 


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