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Introducing remote ergonomic assessments!

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Since the onset of COVID19, more and more people are working from home. More than often, we don’t have the set up we did at the office and the wrong workstation set up can lead to pain and discomfort in the body.

Let our team help yours!

From April 1st 2020 we will be rolling out remote ergonomic sessions. Let us help you avoid pain and tension while setting up your workstation in the best way possible. Avoid repetitive strain injury and learn to work in the most efficient way possible.

You don’t need expensive accessories – we can help you substitute everyday household items to get your set up correct.

Email or call 087 254 1067 to book in your team’s consultations.

Once payment has been made, we will open up on our online booking tool for your team to book and manage their own individual appointments, making it simple and easy to implement.

Sessions are rolled out via Zoom. We encourage participants to show us their normal set up in advance if possible with pictures or video. Our ergonomists will go through best practice and will talk you through how to get the most out of your workstation or set up. We also cover basic desk stretches and can offer some great, practical advice on working from home. Sessions are usually about 20 mins in length however some may be shorter or longer, depending on requirements. There is a €30 ex VAT investment for each participant. Once all sessions have concluded we follow up with the organisers to confirm those who participated and can provide some additional materials to support their teams going forward including videos of ergonomic best practice, stretching and a Powerpoint summarising the sessions.

Book today!

  • Feel better instantly.  Let our team guide you to create the most comfortable and ergonomically efficient set up possible while you work from home. 
  • Its good for your joints. Align the body so that your muscles are working correctly. Avoid unnecessary pain and tension. 
  • Work better! Prevent fatigue.
  • Prevent headaches. Incorrect posture can lead to painful shoulder tension and neck strain, as well as headaches. All of these are easily preventable with the correct setup.

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