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Real world benefits of massage in the workplace.

March 9th 2023


It’s clear that attracting and retaining talent in Dublin remains a challenge. An estimated 45% of employers are looking to improve employee experience in 2023, with a further 37% changing health and wellness benefits. Introducing workplace massage as little as once a week demonstrates your organisation’s commitment to employee health and wellbeing.

Massage is proven to lower feelings of anxiety, stress and tension. Each of our treatments gives employees a short break in their day, to switch off and to manage their stress levels.

The availability of massages in the workplace is a huge draw for people as employers endeavor to attract their teams back in to the office. With many offices introducing mandatory contact days, wouldn’t it be a much more attractive proposition to come in if you knew that you had a 15 minute massage session scheduled? In 2023, absenteeism has continued to be an ongoing issue for organisations with many employees citing reasons including anxiety, work related stress and ‘always on’ culture for their absence. Why not use corporate massage as a tool to address these factors and in turn reduce absenteeism?

We specialise in working in office environments and so our entire team is focused on making life as easy as possible for you from the start of your booking enquiry right through to the therapist working on-site. We bring everything we need with us on the day and manage the schedule, making on-site massage incredibly easy to implement.

With prices starting from as little as €395 ex VAT, corporate massage is an easy win for those working on even a small budget. Arranging a Zest at Work therapist to come in to the office is straightforward and the online booking tool makes managing appointments a doddle.

Finally, on-site massage feels amazing. Take a quick look at some of our Trust Pilot reviews below and you’ll get a flavour for how much staff enjoy their treatments. Bringing in on-site corporate massage to your office will help boost team morale, improve the mental and physical wellbeing of your team members and will leave them feeling not just relaxed and recharged but also critically – valued.

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Zest at work is offering a 10% discount for new corporate clients in March.  https://www.zestatwork.ie/onsitemassage/Promotions

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Testimonials from some of our clients:

  • Always fantastic. All masseuses are kind, friendly, very skilled and will work around your needs/injuries if you need.
  • One of the best massages I've had by far.
  • I felt so welcomed and looked after. Two wonderful ladies came to our company event, and even though it was a quick 15 minute session per each person, we collectively felt so much better and calmer.


National Workplace Wellbeing Day 2023

April 6th 2023

Workplace wellness day 2023 falls on April 28th

Organised by Ibec, this event is Ireland's biggest celebration of workplace health and wellbeing. For many employers, this will be the first opportunity to hold in person wellness events again since the lifting of COVID restrictions.

With a range of suppliers to choose from on the IBEC partner page, here are some great ideas for activities from Zest at Work and other vendors.

On-site massage is clearly a fantastic addition to any wellness event. With 24 chair massage appointments available per therapist per day for under €400, it’s a really affordable way to show your dedication to wellness and wellbeing.

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Considering remote sessions to suit hybrid workers. Zest at work are offering special one hour Wellness Coaching Sessions for the day that’s in it! Give your team vouchers to book a special Wellbeing Coaching session with an accredited business coach. You’ll be giving your employees the space to plan, discuss and break down barriers to wellness and wellbeing at work. Sessions are fully remote via Zoom and can be scheduled at a range of times and dates for full flexibility. Contact dc@zestatwork.ie for more information or

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Vocal Workshops. Bringing incredible learnings from the world of music, EllaVoice uses qualified vocal & movement specialists will take you through a practical routine to improve your desk experience, focusing on the most efficient way to use your voice & body at work. Tools, tips & skills to implement into your working day, Learn stretches & movement to deal with specific everyday issues at work, Use mindfulness & nervous system reset, focus on vocal health, function & energy.

Find out more

Sign up for National Workplace Wellness Day on the IBEC site and find out more about their partner offers here: IBEC

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On-site and remote celebrations for Mental Health Week.

8th May 2023

Last month we gave you some suggestions on how you might celebrate Workplace Wellness Day on April 28th.

We had an amazing day and helped clients across Dublin in their celebrations. Many thanks to our clients for hosting our therapists on site.

Hot on the heels of this great event we have European Mental Health Week (May 22nd – 28th 2023)  This pan European event aims to raise awareness of mental health issues and reduce stigma surrounding mental health. It's a week-long initiative to promote mental health and wellbeing across Europe.

Will your organisation be getting involved this year? A study by PwC found that companies that invest in employee wellness programs, including perks such as mental health support and wellness activities, can see a return on investment of up to 3:1 in terms of improved productivity, reduced absenteeism, and decreased healthcare costs.

Overall, the evidence suggests that offering employee perks can be an effective way to reduce work stress levels in Ireland, and can benefit both employees and employers.

When planning events like this there of course the need to provide great experiences for all employees - both on-site and remote team members.

With this in mind here’s a list I have compiled below of some great ideas to support the whole team.

1)   Online Mental Health Resource Packs: Provide employees with mental health resource packs that contain information about mental health and well-being, including tips for managing stress, anxiety, and depression.

2)   Yoga and Mindfulness Workshops in person and online: Offer yoga and mindfulness workshops during the week. These activities can help employees to relax and focus, and can also help to reduce stress and anxiety. Contact dc@zestatwork.ie to book yoga for your team today.

3)   Healthy Snack Stations: Set up healthy snack stations around the office, offering fresh fruit, vegetables, and other healthy snacks. This can help to promote healthy eating habits and can also help to boost productivity.

4)   Virtual Wellness Workshops: Offer virtual wellness workshops for employees that focus on stress management, mindfulness, and other mental health topics. These workshops can be conducted online and can be accessed from anywhere.

5)   On-site massage: Support mental health in the office with short in-office chair massages. Reduce stress, improve mood and promote overall feelings of wellbeing.

www.zestatwork.ie for more information.


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On-Site Massage Sets the Trend for Future Workplaces

July 6th 2023

The ever-evolving landscape of work trends highlights the growing emphasis on employee wellness and work-life balance. Here are five predicted work trends related to health and well-being, providing insights for you to further nurture thriving work environments.

  1. Increased Focus on Mental Health: The World Economic Forum predicts that mental health and wellbeing will be a top priority in the future of work. Open conversations and transparent discussions around mental health have become more prevalent, recognising its significance in the workplace. (Source: World Economic Forum, "The Future of Jobs Report 2020")
  2. Personalised Wellness Programs: Acknowledging that a one-size-fits-all approach is inadequate, employers are adopting personalized wellness programs. These programs include wellness coaching, digital platforms, and wellness challenges, catering to individual employee needs and preferences.
  3. Holistic Wellbeing Approach: Nearly universally employers today recognise the importance of addressing various aspects of employee wellbeing beyond physical health. Predicted trends encompass mindfulness programs, nutrition counselling, fitness classes, and on-site massage, adopting a holistic approach to wellbeing.
  4. Wellbeing Technology: Wellbeing technology is set to play a crucial role in supporting employee health. According to Gartner, 65% of HR leaders plan to invest in technology that enhances employee wellbeing. This includes virtual wellness platforms and wearable devices monitoring both physical and mental health. (Source: Gartner, "HR Leaders Should Embrace Remote Work and Employee Well-Being to Prepare for the Future of Work")
  5. Focus on Preventive Health Measures: Employers are increasingly prioritising preventive health measures to safeguard employee wellbeing. Promoting healthy lifestyle habits, providing access to wellness programs, and ensuring safe and hygienic work environments are key considerations. (Source: Centre for Disease Control and Prevention)

As organisations adapt or fall behind on emerging trends, they demonstrate their commitment or lack thereof to both their employees and the talent that they aim to attract. 

By embracing these predicted work trends, organisations can create a workplace culture that puts the individuals that make up their teams at its core. An office culture that prioritises wellbeing, positive mental health and meaningful work life balance.

Zest at work is here to support your organisation every step of the way. Book a consultation to discuss your options with Deirdre. Contact us here