Invest in your team.

Trust Zest at work to tackle stress and promote employee wellbeing with on-site massage.

Coaching is a powerful alliance designed to forward and enhance the lifelong process of human learning, effectiveness and fulfillment
- Kingstown college 2016

15 Minute Miracles:
Our on-site massages add an instant zest to the workplace.

Take a seat in one of our amazingly comfortable, specially designed chairs and feel instantly rejuvenated with a short massage from one of our highly trained therapists.

We blend elements of Swedish massage, Indian head massage as well as Chinese acupressure to tackle stress, tension and muscular pain particular to those working long hours at a desk. Concentrating on the back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands, our stellar team of massage therapists melt away aches and pains and leave clients relaxed, renewed and with an amazing sense of wellbeing.

The Zest at Work treatment gets to work in just under three minutes and noticeable relaxation can be felt for several days after. This relaxing treatment is done over clothes in a unique highly transportable chair making it perfect for an office environment.

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The benefits of on-site chair massage

  • Demonstrate your commitment to employee health and wellbeing: Providing on-site massage shows your team that the business cares about their physical and mental health and is happy to invest in them. Perfect as part of a weekly wellbeing programmes or as a one of event.
  • Our massages feel amazing: Imagine unwinding all that neck and shoulder tension and feeling good all the way down to your fingertips! In just three minutes clients begin to relax and recharge. Stress and tension melt away leaving you feeling recharged and revitalised.
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  • Improve mental health:Investing time in on-site massage helps reduce feelings of anxiety and the symptoms of stress. Each treatment is a personalised wellness experience providing much needed solace from the busy workday. Endorphins, the happy hormones are released during treatment adding to overall feelings of wellbeing. An essential part of any self-care routine.
  • Un-desk yourself:Our workplace massages reduce incidents of repetitive strain injury and common musculoskeletal disease. Regular massage can also boost the immune system.
  • Feel better. We tackle the symptoms of mental and physical stress. Our treatments soothe sore, tight muscles, lowers blood pressure and promotes deeper breathing and relaxation.
  • Restore and boost office morale.Regular treatments help to create a better work environment - when stress and tension are reduced there are fewer incidents of workplace disagreements, and higher levels of productivity.
  • Reduce absenteeism. Both short and long term rates of absenteeism can be reduced by regular on-site massage. Treatments reduce frequency and severity of repetitive strain injury as well as musculoskeletal disorders, both major contributors to absenteeism in Ireland.


Trust Zest at work to look after your team.

Operating in Dublin for over 10 years, we are specialists in on-site massage trusted by businesses just like yours to help support their employees and tackle workplace stress.

Our therapists are a cut above the rest; highly trained, multidisciplinary, fully insured and very experienced. For repeat clients we aim to keep the same massage therapist with you so they can get to know your team and your office culture, thus provide the best holistic service possible.

We know corporate work. Our therapists have worked in over 150 unique workplaces and know that booking and using our service should be stress free. Our easy-to-use online booking tool allows your team to book and manage their individual appointment times, saving you the organiser time and effort. Once on-site our therapists are self sufficient and run the service efficiently day after day.

Health and hygiene has always been at the forefront of our minds, and protecting our clients and therapists is our number one priority. Our therapists are fully vaccinated, and our equipment is completely sanitised between use with all public health guidelines fully adhered to.

Zest at work is committed to sustainability. From our trusty electric vehicle to our carefully sourced products, you can rest assured that we do everything we can to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.